The first LSE Carnival was a huge success. Thank you to our sponsors, donors, volunteers, and community for making this an incredible event!

** Longhorn Plop Winners: **

The Longhorns have spoken... they "plopped" where they wanted to "plop" and we have our winners!!! A BIG congratulations to...
* Megan Bass - Square K8
(1 night stay Margaritaville)
* Jay Grimes - Square J15
(2 night stay at Margaritaville)
* Matthew Kozak - Square L8
(2 night stay at a vacation rental in Rockport, TX)
* Paula Green - Square I10
(2 night stay at Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, TX)
Please contact us THIS WEEK to receive your amazing trips, we are so excited for each of you, thank you for playing!!!


 ** Carnival Raffle Winners**